Rough Night at the Remo Room

Remo Room

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Like all of the Fertle Family comedies at RADIO MUSIC THEATRE, Rough Night at the Remo Room stars RMT regulars Vicki Farrell, Rich Mills, and writer/director Steve Farrell as the many residents of Dumpster, Texas.  But unlike the other Fertle plays, this comedy had its beginnings on the editing room floor.  Its premise came from a section that was cut from a one-act play written by Steve Farrell and performed by RMT in 1988.  That one-act eventually became the full-length Fertle play entitled I Love You, but You’re Sitting on My Cat.  The deleted scene featured The Singing Fertle Family doing whatever was necessary to land a job...even if it meant claiming they could speak Spanish and perform authentic Mexican folk music.  Although the scene didn’t fit into the story line of I Love You, but You’re Sitting on My Cat, it was way too funny to lose, so Farrell continued to play with the idea until it evolved into the full-length comedy called Rough Night at the Remo Room, which premiered to great acclaim and success in 1996.  The popular play returned for two encore runs in 2002 and 2007. 

In Rough Night at the Remo Room, the citizens of Dumpster, Texas, have fallen on hard times.  Work is scare, especially for a gospel singing group, so The Singing Fertles are looking for ways to broaden their musical appeal.  Meanwhile, big city problems have come to town in the form of Tony Mandini, a known crime figure with ties to Louisiana’s sleaziest casino.  But Mandini’s money-laundering scheme is only one of Sheriff Benson’s problems.  Vagrancy and arson have also become prevalent in Dumpster, and the crime wave has everybody talking.  And, speaking of talking, the unintelligible Doc Moore has been trying to warn everybody about something that’s going wrong, but no one is quite sure what it is or how to handle it.  Will big city problems destroy this once peaceful community?  Will the Fertles be able to lie their way into a high-paying gig?  And why are Reverend Fertle’s pants so tight?  You’ll find out in this hilarious version of Rough Night at the Remo Room, edited together from four performances recorded at RADIO MUSIC THEATRE during August of 2007.


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