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RMTThe Critics Speak

"Steve and Vicki Farrell and Rich Mills nail their characterizations using nothing more than a change of hat or a ratty wig. You won't find any better performing on a Houston stage than what these three ultra- talented actors accomplish through body language and voice. It's a primer on acting. And it's prime."
D.L Groover, Houston Press

“Not many performers possess the talent and versatility to pull off the sometimes mind-boggling ‘juggling acts’ that the RMT trio achieves night after night, show after show. RMT’s work seems all the more astounding considering they generate it all in-house."
—Glenna Bell, Public News

“For more than a decade, folks from inside and outside the Loop have agreed that Radio Music Theatre is great family entertainment, and a plain hoot, to boot.”
—The Houston Press

“It’s a wild ride, a high good time.  Relax and enjoy —you’re in the hands of masters.”
—Robert Dante, Public News

“Remember, there’s nothing quite like Radio Music Theatre.  Take your dad!  Take your date!  Take everyone and go all the time!”
—Edith Sorenson, The Houston Press

 “The reason that RMT’s shows work so well is not only the extremely funny writing, but the fact the three performers are very adept at changing characters quickly and they all exhibit extremely sharp timing.”
—Joey Berner, Houston’s Other

“If you haven’t heard of Radio Music Theatre, it’s time you did. It’s a great place to take the family.”
—Karen Foulk, 147 Fun Things to Do in Houston

“The chemistry between stars Steve Farrell, Vicki Farrell and Rich Mills creates an atmosphere of pure comedy.”
—Mark Wright, Daily CougarRMT

“These three entertainers really are funnier than a little baby owl.”
—Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

“Small dilemma here.  How do I go about writing yet another rave review about Radio Music Theatre?  I could just cop out and say, ‘Go see this show.  You’ll be glad you did.’”
—Richard Tuthill, Public News

“I’d plod my way through a Christmas crowd of pushy yuppies to see ‘A Fertle Holiday’—once again.  Nothing compares to RMT.”
—Glenna Bell, Public News




RMT 1984-2011