Just Shut Up and Drive!


One of RMT's most popular shows
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The Singing Fertle Family from Dumpster, Texas was well-known by the time Steve Farrell’s Just Shut Up and Drive! was added to the series in 1989, and the show quickly became an audience favorite. In fact, the comedy returned for two more successful runs during the 1990s, and a final version of the show was staged in 2005, when this video was produced.

Just Shut Up and Drive!
follows the Fertles (portrayed by Steve Farrell, Vicki Farrell, and Rich Mills) on their summer road trip to visit the rich relatives in San Di-damn-ego. Driving a dangerously old car, which they refer to as “the damn Buick,” the large family packs in for the long drive. Along the way, they run off the road, pick up a hitchhiker (the unintelligible Doc Moore), and have a very dangerous encounter with an insane truck driver. And that’s just the beginning of their problems! Once the family reaches San Diego, things take a turn for the worse, due to Lou’s tendency to tell outrageous lies—only this time Lou’s lying may cost the Fertles thousands of dollars, which they don’t have.

Will the Fertles survive this wild adventure? Can Lou find a way to dig himself out of this mess? And why is it that Earl can talk and sing backwards? You’ll find out when you enjoy Radio Music Theatre’s classic summer comedy, Just Shut Up and Drive!

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