In the tiny town of Dumpster, Texas, Wiener Day is everybody's favorite holiday. Each year, people come from miles around to gather at The Rollercade for a fun day of skating and eating hotdogs. The famous wieners arrive uncut, rolled on massive spools, ready to be custom-trimmed to whatever length a customer desires. The links are prepared in dozens of ways and served with any condiment a reasonable wiener-eater might request.

But this Wiener Day, Braxton Hix has just been released from prison, and he's out to get Lou Fertle. Plus, rumor has it that local rock-a-billy star Country Wayne Conaway is the actual father of Angina, Lou and Bridgette's adorable baby. Even so, Wiener Day manages to proceed on schedule until…there's an explosion at the nuclear power plant! Who will survive? Who will be crowned Wiener Queen? And how can Doc Moore call the square dance when no one can understand what he's saying? You'll find out in Wiener Day at the Rollercade, starring Rich Mills, Vicki Farrell, and writer/director Steve Farrell as everybody in the entire town of Dumpster, Texas.

So sit back and enjoy a gurgle, get hurled, and have another Vienna sausage roll-up. You're in for a one-of-a-kind experience, 'cause it's time for Wiener Day at the Rollercade!